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Contest WinnerThe Lincoln statue was a WPA project, remember? Commissioned by a government agency tasked with keeping people working and incidentally decorating public buildings? In 1939, the WPA accepted anonymous entries to a competition for the commission to erect a statue for the lobby of the Los Angeles Post Office and Courthouse building. James Lee Hansen, a 23 year old art student from Fresno, California, entered his plaster model at the last minute. His design, called 'Young Lincoln', was awarded the $7,200 commission.. 

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Could he? I doubt it not. Of course, neither of the men I mention are enormous freaks of nature 6'5" and 300 lbs wearing gear that weighs what I do. Hell, there is pictoral proof out on the internet that some of these guys don't even wear a cup I was emailed an unpleasantly revealing photo of some member (!) of the England side.. 

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Richards returns: Sophomore wide receiverAhmmon Richardswas back in action after missing Friday drills. The Wellington High grad and returning freshman All American missed one practice day after falling on his head while making a catch. UM determined Richards, one of its most important players, did not have a concussion. 

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